September 18, 2017

So for the last few days, I have been in a class to get certified in CPS. Hopefully, after tomorrow, I will be a certified child passenger safety technician. So I can sell and educate about the car seats at work, I can safely install car seats and I’ll be all professional and stuff. HAHA.

1. My quiz score for the day. Hilariously, I finished my open book quiz about ten minutes before everyone else because we did a review right before the quiz so I didn’t need to open my book. This made me very nervous because I couldn’t figure out what question was so hard. Then I watched the instructor grade it and I became convinced that she shook her head at another instructor after grading it and that I had failed it and would be kicked out of the class.
2. When we got in this morning, the instructor said “everyone who didn’t finish last night’s skill test needs to go back upstairs to the cars and complete it.” I enjoyed the next 20 minutes just chilling by myself in the classroom.
PS neither of these are meant to be bragging about my car seat prowess. I definitely had issues elsewhere and have a smashed finger to prove it.
3. The third picture is of the wings I got in the hospital cafeteria. The little man behind the counter decided I needed more than I ordered and just kept giving me different flavors. Maybe he knew I have a sore finger?